Expert Witness - Structural Engineering -

As a specialty contractor and licensed builder, Barton McHard Ltd / BMLengineers takes a lot of pride in our work and in our clients. We are humbled every time someone invites us to their home. It is a privilege to do what we love, and we love designing and building custom patios and decks.

We understand the litigation process and the roles and responsibilities of

the expert witness by evaluating the principles governing the admissibility,

credibility and weight of expert evidence, including the strengths and

weaknesses in the evidence.


The roles and responsibilities of the expert advisor, single joint expert (SJE),

shadow expert and expert. We understand the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), Practice Directions and current Guidance.


 Considering the key stages in the litigation process and

working effectively with legal teams, dealing with pre - action

protocol, case management conferences, disclosure, written

questions and experts meetings/discussions and settlements.


 We understanding disclosure, privilege, immunity and cost orders,

confidentiality, bias and take each into account in delivering our expert

witness services. 


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Advanced Report Writing - Structural Engineering

We identify the key stages in writing an expert report, dealing with

strengths and weaknesses in the facts, assumptions and opinion.


Delivered in a clear, concise and accessible manner we analysis the

structure, content and style of  our expert reports.  We also review and

critique reports to demonstrate best practice and use objective

competency criteria to analyse other expert reports.


Independent Third Party Checks

We deliver independent 3rd Party checks on Civil and Structural Submissions including deep basement and multi storey buildings. Preweakening and demolition review throughout the UK.