As a specialty contractor and licensed builder, Barton McHard Ltd / BMLengineers takes a lot of pride in our work and in our clients. We are humbled every time someone invites us to their home. It is a privilege to do what we love, and we love designing and building custom patios and decks.

We work in collaboration with Leading Architects, Engineering Practices, Project Managers and  Developers to provide design solutions that can also meet your requirements. We provide advice on civil and structural matters including new developments, alterations, refurbishment works, maintenance and repairs. We carry out design checks and redesign work on Design and Build contracts. Design Development is our specialist area where we have successfully delivered savings to our clients through the application of our structural engineering expertise. 

Site Investigation : Structural Appraisal : Foundation : Substructure : External works : Retaining Structures : Boundary Walls : Superstructure design in Concrete, Steel , Timber, Composite Materials, Structural Design in Glass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and GRC.

We also carry out Project Management and Business Development services in addition to project work in the following areas.

Accidental damage
Advanced analysis
Advanced Composite
Building Regulation checks
Car Parks
Claddings: Concrete
Claddings: Glass
Claddings: Masonry
Claddings: Other
Claddings: Steel
Claddings: Timber
Commercial Buildings
Composite construction
Construction Design & Management (CDM)
Excavations: Deep
Excavations: Shallow
Feasibility Studies
Geodetic structures

Historic structures
Loadings: Dynamic
Loadings: Static
Project Management

Materials: Composite
Materials: Concrete
Materials: Masonry
Materials: Steel
Materials: Timber
Office Buildings
Piling: Concrete
Piling: Steel
Retaining Structures
Roofs: Pitched
Roofs: Flat
Roofs: Curved
Site investigation/soil mechanics/dewatering

Site investigation/soil mechanics/dewatering
Structural inspection/appraisal
Surveying: Property
Sustainable Design
Swimming pools
System buildings
Surveying: Domestic and Commercial Property
Domestic: Lofts/Conversions/Knock Throughs
Domestic: Subsidence/UnderPinning
Domestic: Tree/Vegetation Safety
Domestic: Extension
Wind and Snow: Loading

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